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music4mrsmith's Journal

Music for Mr. Smith
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Brought to you by bedsheeteyes and inspired by torisboy

The Basic Idea
This is a spin off of the Mr. Smith series of music I make for my boyfriend. Basically, Gene, that's the boyfriend, didn't listen to any of my favorite bands. All our musical similarities came from my sporatic listening of country, ranther than him listening to any of my music. The first set in the Mr. Smith series, namely The Education of Mr. Smith, were surprisingly successful and helped bring Gene to the light side of the forse, so to speak.

And I care about your boyfriend's music tastes because?
Well, you don't. But what this means for you is that in between my creation of Mr. Smith installments I'll give you a taste of what would be on a current version, one song at a time. I'll upload them to yousendit.com where you can download them. You'll have 7 days or 25 download to snatch them. I might repost songs if popular demand calls for it.

Why can't I join?
Just friend the community. I'm the only person who can be a member.