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Been a while, huh?

(This Is Toxic - Britney Spears vs. Lizette&)

The greatest part of that song is that it's just the music to Toxic and not Britney actually singing.

(Personal Jesus - Johnny Cash and Depeche Mode)

Best when played through headphones. Johnny Cash's version on the right channel, and Depeche Mode is on the left. There are some sync problems but it's still awesome.

(Kanye Mahna - Kanye West and Cake)

Cake did a odd version of The Muppet's Mahna Mahna and Kanye West did an awesome version of his own Gold Digger. So, uh, this is worth listening to mainly because it's odd. It sound like everything was jumbled together without much though, but it's interesting to listen to.

I know sign off for another year, or so.
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